How Contemporary Art Is Used To Promote Culture

Art is a powerful way to explore culture. Whether it’s the contemporary art form or traditional forms like paintings, prints, and sculptures, there are many ways that art is used to promote different lifestyles. At Janina Fine Art, you can find original oil paintings that are inspired by Madrid and the exploration of the spirit of life. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of contemporary art — and contact us today to order your own original art piece!

Paint brush mixing up pink paint

Everyday Beauty

Our lives are littered with lovely features that we take for granted. Contemporary fine art captures these small elements that beautify our existence. From flowers to glass, oil paintings can show this beauty.

Dried paint on a painters palette

Exploring the Other Side

While many cultures endure and survive through texts, contemporary art sums up many cultural ideals in a more digestible form. Speaking through design and a universal language like art can be a powerful way to promote one’s culture.

Palette knife mixing up paint on a white background

Making Social Issues Visible

There are many ways in which contemporary fine art is used to raise awareness of social issues. With a skilled artist, fine art prints can paint scenes that highlight different perspectives on social factors.

A paintbrush sitting on a palette covered in paint

Dreaming Away

Experiencing the full extent of our dreams is a complex concept — but fine art helps us to understand the power of our subconscious. Everyone — no matter their culture — dreams, and contemporary fine art can help us to promote different cultural perspectives hidden within.


Art is a way to explore the world, and what it means to live in it. Different cultures express themselves through art, sometimes with a formal process, like painting landscapes or making photographs. In other cases, art is created spontaneously, in an impromptu fashion — and it is often thought of as something that "just happens." At Janina Fine Arts, you can find original oil paintings that offer a view into Janina’s culture. Visit the shop to see for yourself!